Why us?

BCM is committed to driving long-lasting systemic change in all facets of public and private education creating more high-performing schools and developing the next generation of transformational leaders.

Our Story

Our team has been in education as teachers, site and district administrators in all categories of public education, professional developers, coaches, business professionals. Our combined experience in the education  field spanning at least four decades has provided us with a vast canvas of where education has been and taken us.

This rich experience and ongoing involvement in learning and meeting challenges in public and private education brings us into a promising future of education transformation.  Improved student achievement and developing effective leaders to see this education transformation through in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible has been our passion.

Many strategies and approaches have come and gone but our passion toward engaging student and leader-focused ways have led us to the creation of something new that is BCM Global Education Consulting--here to support all the facets of your district and/or organizational needs.

Meet the Team

Our team of partners and consultants is growing. Stay tuned for an updated list while we expand our network.

Belen C. Magers

Senior Consultant

Human Resources Curriculum & Instruction


Sarrie Peralta

Chief Finance Officer

Marites Fermin

Business Services 

Sheila Lawrence

Student Support Services Socio-Emotional Learning 

Pamela Santos-Njissang

Public Relations, Professional Development & Communications


Erica Viray-Santos

Leading for Social Justice and Equity

Curriculum & Instruction

Ethnic Studies, Women's Studies

Next Steps...

We offer you a single service or a package of services in one field or a combination of fields. We deliver the most essential functions in the fields of Human Resources, Business Services, and Educational Services to save you the cost of hiring employees, providing their statutory benefits, and their advancement on the salary scale.

What are you waiting for? Let's get started!