The Case for K-12 Education Abroad

A few years ago, foreign countries embarked on a move to change their old-10 year curriculum to the US K-12 education model. These foreign countries recognized that US institutions perceive the graduates of these foreign 10-year curriculum model moving to the United States for higher education or employment do not have the sufficient educational preparation or skills to succeed and thus have to complete several more years of US education to be validated as US educated and trained.
BCM was invited by several foreign private and public schools and district to provide professional development and training to their leaders and educators on the US K-12 education model. BCM continues to provide guidance and training through online support and Google classrooms. Beyond their initial service packages, these educators continue to receive updates in US K-12 education through the BCM newsletter.


Small education-based enterpreneurs have sought the services of BCM for their organizational, curriculum development and business needs. With the demand surge for pre-school and before/after intervention and enrichment programs, these small businesses see the need to complement the programs in their neighborhood schools and districts.
BCM has supported several education-based small businesses in crafting their educational, as well as business vision and mission, developing their curriculum, publishing their business campaign materials and educational brochures, staffing and hiring, and basic business procedures.
As these businesses expand, BCM has made itself available for continued support, monitoring, and evaluation.